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It's Amazing What You Can Accomplish When You Don't Spend Much Time Watching TV

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Pictures, narrative, and research (elevation profiles) on cycling from Canada to Mexico, as well as many other cross-country bicycle trips.

Fun, useful, and interesting software developed by Aere over the years, including original video-games from the 80's, an artificial-intelligence program (a chat-bot) that quickly learns to converse in human languages, and an application to turn your computer with only a typing keyboard into a performance-quality musical instrument. There's also a full-featured personal finance program, and an Integrated Development Environment for developing and testing SNOBOL patterns in Java.

A sample of Aere's music compositions, and improvisations, in the new-age and classical genres.

The lifetime of a composer in music, with commentary by the composer – from earliest compositions to post-retirement

Our Salt Lake City, Utah, based band, performing that music

Some of Aere's Photos (especially 3-D Photos).

Poetry, alternative song-lyrics, and other short writings

(This is the 22nd edition.)

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