Malcolm's Bicycle-Trip Across the Continent

Some time ago, Malcolm crossed the continent by bicycle, before it was as common as nowadays. He did it alone, and unsupported, for a total distance of approximately 3,402 miles.

This was done in the spirit of a true adventure, braving not only harsh desert conditions (and lack of water), but at one point saving his life by fending off the attack of a pack of wild dogs in a lonely, remote location where no one would have known if he had perished.

Here is the map of his entire trip:

Click on each of the links to see them. Narrative may be added later.

Starting The Trip

The Oregon Coastal-Highway

The West Coast of Oregon to Idaho

Through The State Of Idaho

Through The State Of Utah, and the Extended Stay in Salt Lake City

Through The State Of Colorado

Through The State Of Kansas

Through The State Of Missouri

Through The State Of Illinois

Through The State Of Indiana

Through The State Of Ohia

Through Pennsylvania And Maryland

Through The State Of New Jersey

In the meantime, we have this newspaper account of the trip below, to tell of the trip.

Newspaper Article on Malcolm's Coast-to-Coast Bicycle Trip

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