Aere's Music Videos

I have created a number of slide-show music videos, using music I composed and performed, along with slide-shows of photos I've taken.

Note: You will need to click the speaker icon of each video to turn on the sound. That is because the embed code from Facebook plays with sound muted - sorry.

You can watch them below:

Walk In Beauty

A slide-show music video, by Aere

As with the Navajo poem of the same name, the music and pictures present a walk along the rim trail, as well as the view-points on the south rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

The direction of travel is east, to west.

This is my most recent composition, done on the KeyMusician Keyboard. I hope you enjoy it.


A slide-show music video, by Aere

"Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" this is definitely not...

Rather, it comes from my own personal 'dark night of despair'. And though it never makes it out of moon-lit realms, into the light of day, the ice and snow of the beginning, disappear at the appropriate point in the music.

I took these photos in Utah's San Rafael Swell, and at Grand Canyon National Park (except for the 'bookends' photos).

The music is "Nocturne", from my "Re-Imaginings" album.

I hope you enjoy it.

Cross-Country Bicycle Adventures

A slide-show video, with pictures from our many bicycle adventures.

The music is "On Trail" from my "Re-Imaginings" album.

I hope you enjoy it.

The View From Above

Do you like the vast vistas visible from the top of a mountain, or a cliff viewpoint? If so, take a moment to watch this slide-show music video, entitled "The View From Above", with original music by Aere.

The music is "Forest Breezes", from my "Re-Imaginings" album.

I hope you enjoy it.

Cathedrals Of Stone

For those of you who admire the wild beauty of nature, take a few minutes of your time gazing at cathedrals of stone, with music not from an organ, but a Flute, and an English Horn.

The music is "Impromptu 3 - Remembrances", from my "Explorations" album.

I hope you enjoy it.

Sunlight On The Water

Imagine that perfect day, at the lake, or on the beach, with sunlight on the water...

The music is “Impromptu 2 - Sunlight On The Water”, from my "Explorations" album.

I hope you enjoy it.

Bicycling from Utah to Glacier N.P.

I put the photos from our bicycle trip from Utah to Glacier National Park, together with my original music that expresses the feeling of a cross-country bicycle trip, yielding this slide-show music video.

The music is “Allegretto In Soft Fifths – On Our Way”, from my "Explorations" album.

I hope you enjoy it.

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