Asteroid Battle 8.1

Two fleets of ships fight each other in an asteroid field. You are piloting one of those ships. Your ship's power can be used for firing, or for maneuvering and (any energy left-over) for shields. You can accelerate or decelerate in any direction, and you can fire any direction you choose.

Neither weapons fire, nor the explosion of a destroyed ship, will penetrate an asteroid, so you can hide behind them, but don't run into them (or into an enemy ship, for that matter). Watch where you're firing, because friendly-fire incidents are definitely not appreciated!

If you've never played this game before, check out the help information in the link below to quickly learn how to play it. Otherwise, the opposing fleet will have its way with you while you try to learn by way of the school of hard-knocks...

New Features In Version 8.1

The game has been converted from an applet to an application, and therefore you can re-size its window (or even make it fill the entire screen), as you see fit.

The context-sensitive help has been improved, and can be accessed within the application itself (but this requires full permissions, so it can't be used in the sand-box version).

The numeric key-pad can be used as an additional game controller, allowing multi-player games.

The current game-parameters file is displayed in the Title-Bar.

The version running in your browser (requiring the Java plug-In) has been removed. The newest Windows browser no longer includes a Java Plug-In.

There are now sound-effects, and a music soundtrack included. For the music soundtrack, the full-permissions version is required.

You can watch a video of it's Demo-Mode below:

The link below takes you to the help information:

Asteroid Battle Help Info

The Java sand-box version cannot use your Internet browser, so the “Help” button is disabled. But you can read the Help via the link above.

Sand-box version, compared to Full version

The sand-box security restraints prevent an application from accessing your files, reading the system properties, or using your Internet browser. The full version, on the other hand, runs as a normal application, with all-permissions. The sound-effects on Windows are not good as they should be because of not being able to determine the OS in the sand-box version.

The application is launched via JNLP (Java Web Start), which works on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

The two links below run on your machine strictly within the Java sand-box security restrictions. If it were to request additional permissions, Java would ask you if that were okay, before allowing it to run. If the application were to attempt doing things not allowed within the Java sand-box, it would be terminated with a security exception.

Asteroid Battle Game (JNLP Sand-Box version)Use this link for current systems

Asteroid Battle Game (JNLP Sand-Box version) for Linux/OpenJava7Use this link for Open Java 7 on Linux

If clicking one of the Asteroid Battle Game links doesn't start the application (after maybe answering a dialog or two to allow it to run), click the link below for more instructions:

(if clicking the link doesn't start the application)

The full version of the application

For the full version of the application, that runs with all permissions, as a normal application, use the link below. As is required by Java security requirements, it uses a trusted, revocable, code-signing certificate (of Laeramin LLC, by DigiCert, on

Asteroid Battle Game (JNLP Full version)

The full version allows you to save your favorite sets of game-parameters, and keeps track of high, low, and average scores. It also includes a music soundtrack, and allows you to use the “Help” button (which uses your Internet browser). You are required to accept the license agreement in the full version.

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