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It's Amazing What You Can Accomplish When You Don't Spend Much Time Watching TV

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Pictures, narrative, and research (elevation profiles) on cycling from Canada to Mexico, as well as many other cross-country bicycle trips.

Fun, useful, and interesting software developed by Aere over the years, including original video-games from the 80's, an artificial-intelligence program (a chat-bot) that quickly learns to converse in human languages, and an application to turn your computer with only a typing keyboard into a performance-quality musical instrument. There's also a full-featured personal finance program, and an Integrated Development Environment for developing and testing SNOBOL patterns in Java.

Selections of Aere's music, along with pictures that go along with the music, presented as a musical slide-show.

A sample of Aere's music compositions, and improvisations, in the new-age and classical genres.

The lifetime of a composer in music, with commentary by the composer – from earliest compositions to post-retirement

Our Salt Lake City, Utah, based band, performing that music

Some of Aere's Photos (especially 3-D Photos).

Poetry, alternative song-lyrics, and other short writings

(This is the 28th edition.)

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