Length of the State of Utah Bicycle Trip

Sunday, September 17th 2006


We got up the next morning and drove to the two motels where we had stopped the night before.  We unloaded my bike and Malcolm’s bike, and I stayed, waiting to get a room when people started checking out.  Malcolm, Nanda, and Emily (along with Nanda’s bike) drove to Salt Lake, unloaded the bike, and bid adieu to Emily, who headed for home in Logan. 


Waiting with the bicycles for a room in the morning


Nanda changed to tourist mode, rented a car, and drove with Malcolm back to the motel where I had finally gotten a room.  The three of us stayed the night there. 


The Days Inn motel, just outside of Hurricane, with a volcano in the background


During the day, I discovered that when you look for a motel when travelling by bicycle, you want one that has a restaurant nearby.  I had to ride 2 miles into town to eat, and back up (you guessed it) a great big hill to return to the motel. 


In the evening, after Malcolm & Nanda arrived, we ate in a good Mexican restaruant in town. 


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