Length of the State of Utah Bicycle Trip

Saturday, September 23rd 2006


We got up the next morning, checked out of the motel, and started pedaling at 10:00 AM. 


Leaving the Safari Motel, in Nephi


The Mexican restaurant across the street was closed, so we hoped to find a restaurant as we pedaled north through town.  It turned out there were no restaurants, so we ate at a convenience store at a gas station at the north end of town.  We then resumed pedaling north. 


It was a cool, sunny day, with a light wind from the north.  It seemed ironic to me that although the prevailing winds in Utah are from southwest to northeast, and we were going from south to north, only two days on the entire trip did we have a tail-wind! 


As it had appeared the day before, the terrain sloped downhill to the north.  We soon made our way to the town of Mona. 


Entering the town of Mona


We watched for the road leading to Mona Reservoir as we pedaled through town, but it was not marked by any sign.  When we came to the north end of town (knowing the road going north from there was the old highway 91), we consulted our map, and pedaled back into town.  We inquired at a gas station, and they said it was the road going west from where the gas station was. 


Soon we were pedaling west, and after a mile or so, it turned north again. 


The views eastward over Mona Reservoir toward Mt. Nebo were spectacular. 


Looking over Mona Reservoir, toward Mount Nebo


This was a road I had not yet traveled.  It was a pleasant, country road with little traffic.  It continued north past the reservoir, and followed the stream flowing toward Utah Lake, so we had nothing significant to climb. 


Entering the Goshen Narrows


We eventually made it to the town of Goshen, and stopped in (probably) the only convenience store in the small town.  We found that there were no motels there, so our plan to stay in Nephi was a good one.  We snacked, and filled our water bottles in preparation for the 40 mile empty stretch west of Utah lake, where we would not be able to replenish our supplies. 


After a few miles climbing to the west, we reached the south end of Redwood Road (highway 68).  Since I remembered there is a “61” milepost on Redwood Road near our home, we knew how far we were away from home. 


The road is flat, and straight for a very long way. 


The long, straight road, west of Utah Lake, disappearing into a distant point


As we made our way farther north, the road turned to follow the shore of the lake, and went up and down over the hillside slopes. 


Utah Lake, looking northeast


Eventually we got to an area where there were a lot of bedroom communities, but still no stores.  When we made it to the highway coming from Lehi, we finally encountered a Smith’s store, and ate stuff we purthased inside. 


The next section of Redwood Road (going north toward Camp Williams) was really bad.  There was a lot of traffic, and the shoulder was only inches wide.  To make it worse, there was a walk-up hill just before Camp Williams.  It was a welcome relief when we finally made it over the hill, and got a wide shoulder again. 


The first view into Salt Lake valley, north of Camp Williams


From that point, it was pretty well downhill all the way.  We were running a bit late, relative to the amount of daylight left, but we knew that Redwood Road has street lights (at least in some sections), which would help.  We figured we would forge on toward home, because there were no motels on Redwood Road, and we would have to cycle up to the I-15 area to find one.  Besides, at this point, we were only one bicycle-commute round-trip from home. 


Our plans took on unexpected hit a bit later, when (because I was following close behind Malcolm, and had no time to dodge), I hit a piece of road-junk, which punctured my back tire.  It made a slit 3/8” long in the tube, but only a puncture in the tire.  We figured it wouldn’t hold long if we patched it.  Fortunately, Malcolm had a spare tube, and we eventually got the tire fixed.  Unfortunately, this used up a significant amount of our precious daylight remaining. 


In spite of bad construction from 35th south to 21st south, and being in the dark, we made it to our home in the Rose Park area at 9:00 PM.  It had been a really long day, and we made the most mileage of any day of the trip, despite the headwind. 


On this day, we travelled 84.7 miles, with an average speed of 10.5 MPH.  The bicycles were moving for eight hours and one minute.  It took us eleven hours to do it. 


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