Length of the State of Utah Bicycle Trip

September 16th through 26th 2006


In the 1980’s, my spouse crossed the U.S.A. on a bicycle.  He did this alone, and unsupported.  The telling of his great adventure awakened in me the desire to do that trip as well.  However, with limited vacation, I have no way to do this until I retire.  To get a taste of this adventure, I dreamed to bicycle the length of the state of Utah, which could easily be done within the timeframe of my vacation time. 


I normally bicycle for exercise, but to do this trip, I started training, putting in additional miles and doing shorter trips during the summer.  I’m not an athlete by any means – especially when it comes to climbing hills.  But I did put in the miles, ending at 20 miles per day, five days a week. 


Our bicycle enthusiast friend, Nanda, from Holland, heard about the trip, and was interested in joining us.  I started researching routes, and Malcolm prepared the equipment and bicycles.  We were ready as the date approached. 


My plan was to go from North to South, because the climb was more gradual, and the steep climb would be at the end of the trip, when we would be in better condition.  Also, we wouldn’t have to climb out of that very deep hole (3,000 feet elevation) where St. George is located.  As a touring reward, the route would pass through Zion National Park, making a memorable highlight at the end of the trip. 


When the date of the trip arrived,  the weather threw us a curve in the form of cold, rainy weather in the North.  We compensated by changing our plans to go from South to North.  This would make for a lot of climbing at the beginning of the trip, but we should be able to take advantage of the prevailing wind direction (Southwest to Northwest). 


On September 16th, we began the trip, going from the Arizona border near St. George, to the Idaho border near Logan, finally finishing on September 26th.  It was challenging – more so than I thought, but we rose to the occasion.  The total distance was 473 miles.  We cycled up 2000 foot climbs, waited out a storm under a makeshift shelter in the middle of nowhere, and encountered headwinds so strong we had to gear-down and pedal hard to go downhill.  There were a lot of walk-up hills, but at the end of the trip, we cycled into Cache valley without having to get off and push. 


Map, with Route Traced in Black



Here are the links to the pictures and narrative of each day of the trip, followed by the time and mileage statistics of the trip as a whole:


Saturday, September 16th

Sunday, September 17th

Monday, September 18th

Tuesday, September 19th

Wednesday, September 20th

Thursday, September 21st

Friday, September 22nd

Saturday, September 23rd

Sunday, September 24th

Monday, September 25th

Tuesday, September 26th


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