Saturday, June 23rd

On waking up in the morning, we decided to do a victory breakfast rather than a victory dinner, then head home for Salt Lake.

Unfortunately, by the time we got things ready to go out to eat, it was too late for Wendy and her family to make it.

So together with Mikal & Emily, and their family, we went out to eat at IHOP. It was a good, hearty meal we enjoyed together. and when we returned to Emily's place, we loaded up the truck, and headed back home to Salt Lake, having completed another challenging, but rewarding bicycle trip.

At Trip's End in Logan, the Truck Loaded, and Ready to Return to Salt Lake City

Compared to our Length-of-Utah bicycle trip last year, this one was shorter - 340 miles rather than 470 miles, but it had a lot more hill climbing. Both trips were challenging. Like the other trip, there were challenges with the weather. But the real difference between the two trips was the fabulous scenery on this trip. It exceeded even my optimistic expectations!

I think I will continue with this formula of doing significant bicycle trips through areas of great natural beauty, carefully choosing a time for the trip to avoid excessive heat.

So I guess the moral of this particular story, is that you can see a lot of beautiful country on a bicycle, if you just keep pedaling.

On the entire trip, we bicycled 339.4 miles, with an average speed of 8.83 mph. We were pedaling a total of 38 hours, 14 minutes. Our average pedaling time per-day was 6 hours, 22 minutes. It took us 61 hours, 55 minutes to do it (counting rest and food stops, but not overnight stays). Our average day of travel lasted 10 hours, 19 minutes.

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