Day 1: Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

We traveled to Panguitch by truck, parking at Garfield Memorial Hospital and leaving it there while we bicycled onward.

Ready to head out, our truck in the background

We started cycling at 5:10 PM.  There was a strong crosswind, which sometimes worked as a
headwind, and sometimes was a tailwind.

South of Panguitch - note bicycle position to keep it
from being blown over by the wind.

After ten miles, we made it to Bear Valley Junction, where we rested at an abandoned convenience store.  From here north, the traffic was lighter, since much of the traffic is to/from I-15.

Bear Valley Junction

Heading north toward the Sevier River narrows

When we reached the narrows, the water in the river was muddy, but by the time we were some distance into the narrows, the water was mostly clear.  There were small rapids, and the sound of water tumbling over rocks. 

Cycling in the Sevier River Narrows

There was a nice downhill glide coming out of the canyon, and before we knew it, we had reached Circleville. 

Arriving at Circleville

We stayed at the Circleville RV Park

Our tent and shelter for the bicycles

During the night, I saw a beautiful image of the moon silhouetting the bicycle wheel, and reached for the digital camera to take it.  Unfortunately, it just fired the flash, taking a more ordinary picture.  I couldl't remember how to set it up to take the low-light picture I actually wanted. 

In the shelter at night

On this day, we had cycled 27.2 miles, at an average speed of 9.6 miles per hour. The bicycles were moving for 2 hours and 48 minutes. We were on the road for 3 hours and 20 minutes.

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