Panguitch Bicycle Trip - June 22, 2008

This was a very ambitious trip, with a lot of climbing.  It seemed something we could do, but I made a serious flaw in my planning.  I paid attention only to the elevation-A to elevation-B numbers, which showed a manageable amount of vertical ascent. 

As it turned out, the climbs were easily twice that amount, due to the up-and-down nature fo the road, where you climb up, then glide down, then re-climb what you just climbed. 

That being said, here is the route we planned:

Map of Planned Trip

MapQuest Map of our Proposed Trip

We started out with great confidence and expectations.  As it turned out, we made it only to Koosharem (marked "C" on the map).  We could possibly have made it to Torrey (marked "D" on the map), but we did not have the conditioning to make it to stop "E" (Boulder), and we would have had to climb out of a deep hole to return. 

Here are the pictures and narrative for each day of the bicycle trip:

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Tourist-Trip Segment

Here are the statistics of the bicycle trip:
Trip Statistics

Profiles of sections of the trip (in reverse-order, since I did them when I was thinging of doing the southern part of the trip first):

Panguitch (right) to Kingston (left)

Kingston (right) to Koosharem (left)

Koosharem (right) to Fishlake Pass (left)

Fishlake Pass (right) to Torrey (left)

Torrey (right) to Boulder Mt. summit (left)

Boulder Mt. summit (right) to Calf Creek (left)

Calf Creek (right) to Cannonville summit (left)

Cannonville Summit (right) to Cannonville (left)

Cannonville (right) to Red Canyon Summit (left)

Red Canyon Summit (right) to Panguitch (left)

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