Day 3 - Wahweap Marina to Page – Monday, April 18th

The next morning, we paid for the campsite, and got some food in the campground store.

At the Wahweap Marina picnic area, just before leaving

As we cycled on toward Page, I felt tired – even though it was early in the morning. I was paying for not eating much the night before, and also, we supposed, for such a long day the prior day.

Looking back at the Wahweap Marina

Lake Powell, from a view area along the road

Before long, we made it to the dam, and its associated visitor center.

Glen Canyon Dam, and Lake Powell

Looking down at the dam from the visitor center, at a group examining an old water turbine

Navajo Bridge, just downriver from the Dam

Another view of the dam

To enjoy the scenery more, we pushed our bicycles across the bridge, using the pedestrian walkway on the west side. We got some good pictures there.

Marble Canyon, downriver from the bridge

Another view of Marble Canyon

Just after the bridge was a big walk-up hill into Page. In my lethargic condition, and in the heat, I did not perform well. Malcolm applied some of our extra water to my top for cooling, which helped a lot.

The big climb into Page (looking back)

We ate lunch at the Glen Canyon Steak House, near where the above picture was taken. We then replenished our supplies at a store, noting that we now had a head-wind, which was fairly strong.

Given how tired we were feeling, and the headwind, we elected to stay at a motel in Page. This would be our last chance for a motel until Cameron, which was two days away.

We checked out the “old quarter – street of the small motels”. These motels were converted to such from apartments used by the workers building Glen Canyon Dam. We stayed at the Red Rock Motel, which had quality rooms, a low price, and Internet access (even for people with no computer).

On this rest-day, we traveled only 9.6 miles, but got a lot of good pictures. I vowed from this point forward to always eat the night before – even if I didn't feel like it, seeing how tired not-eating could leave me the next morning.

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