Panguitch Loop Trip Info

Here is the overall plan for the trip, showing stopover towns, an overall profile, and a map of the area.

The overall trip map, and profile

Here are maps and profiles of each segment of the trip.

Panguitch to Tropic

Tropic to Escalante

Escalante to Boulder (Hell's Backbone)

Boulder to Torrey

Torrey to Koosharem

Koosharem to Circleville

Circleville to Panguitch

If you would like an easier, shorter, loop-trip, try this one:

On this trip, travel from Panguitch to Otter Creek Reservoir campground (near Antimony) on the first day. Then, on the next day, cycle from there, uphill to the south (a more gradual climb to the Paunsagunt plateau), then west, back through spectacular Red Canyon, downhill on this steeper climb.

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