Cycling Highway 128, Along The Colorado River, Near Moab, Utah

On arriving in Moab, we first did a short trip from highway 128 (east of Moab), southward (and uphill) on the highway to Castle Valley.

Aere, at the beginning of the road, heading south toward Castle Valley, from Highway 128

Malcolm, at the starting point

Aere, climbing, to the south

Malcolm, pausing in the southward climb

View eastward, in Castle Valley

Another view eastward, in Castle Valley

The next day, we cycled eastward along the Colorado River, on highway 128. We started where highway 191 (the main highway to Moab) crosses the Colorado River.

From there, we cycled eastward as far as we felt like going, then cycled back to our starting point.

At the mouth of Negro Bill Canyon, which I've hiked before

People on a river-trip, stopped on the far side of the river

At the turn-around point, an interesting mesa in the background

At our turn-around point, Malcolm pointing toward Fisher Towers (in the background)

On the way back, an agricultural area

Time for a water-break

At a high-point of the road, overlooking the Colorado River

Icy road? I don't think so...

Almost Back To Our Starting-Point

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