Cycling The Potash Road, Near Moab Utah

We cycled westward from Highway 191, on the Potash Road, along the Colorado River, near Moab, Utah. We did this trip in the fall, a week before Thanksgiving (in November). It was cold at night, but day-time temperatures were perfect.

This was a very scenic trip, with hardly any traffic.

There are a lot of campgrounds along this road, so it would be a good, less-known place to camp for such a trip.

Near the starting-point of the trip

Rock-Climbers on the cliff above us

Interesting Rock Shapes Across the River

More Interesting Rock Shapes Ahead

Mirror-Surface on a Muddy River

Rock Spires, Behind a Railroad Spur Heading to the Potash Mine

At Our Turn-Around Point, Near the Potash Mine

Muddy-River Reflections, On Our Way Back

River Reflections of Shadowed Cliffs

Colorful reflections, near the end of the trip, toward the end of the day

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