Cycling Red Canyon, Near Panguitch, Utah

We cycled Red Canyon, near Panguitch, Utah. Red Canyon is on the road (highway 12) heading east from highway 89 toward Bryce Canyon. It is scenic, and has an excellent, paved, bicycle path.

We did this trip in November, and was fairly cold, in the 40-degree Fahrenheit range. We saw ice in shadowed areas, and in the dry wash. I liked it, but it was a bit cold for Malcolm.

At the start of the trip, in the parking area at the beginning of the bicycle path

Red cliffs, across the highway, along the way

Scenic view across the highway

More scenic views ahead

Orange-Pink Hillsides

More Orange-Pink Hillsides

At the end of the bicycle path, near the spur-road to Bryce Canyon National Park

We turned around here, and coasted back down this very-scenic bike path. It's a moderately-strenuous, 1000-foot climb from the parking area where we started, to here.

On the way back

More scenery on the way back

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