Cycling Star Valley, Wyoming

We cycled Star Valley, Wyoming, in the summer-time, seeking a trip with cooler temperatures than summer in Utah.

We checked-into a motel in Afton, Wyoming, and cycled southward (uphill) to near the south end of the valley, then cycled back to our motel on the first day.

At the Lander Cut-Off Oregon Trail historic marker

At our turn-around point of the first day, near the south end of Star Valley

Looking back southward, on our way back toward Afton

At a stream-bridge on the way back to Afton

Looking northward, almost back to Afton

On the next day, we checked out of our motel, and drove to Thayne, Wyoming, to start this segment of the trip.

We first cycled southward, to the Salt River narrows, then turned-around, cycling northward back through Thayne, and Etna. We turned-around somewhere north of Etna, and returned to our vehicle in Thayne.

Looking southward, toward the Salt River Narrows

Southward, closer to the Salt River narrows

The Salt River, looking northward

The Salt River, looking southward

At the Salt River narrows (our turn-around), looking southward

At the Salt River narrows (our turn-around), looking northward

At a rest-area, on bicycles – which way do we go?

Entering Thayne

We ate lunch here at the cheese-factory restaurant, and continued cycling northward toward Alpine.

Entering Etna

We were considering going to Alpine, but it was getting hot, so we turned around about 10 miles short of Alpine.

At our turn-around, looking back northward toward Alpine

Looking westward from our turn-around

We snacked in this old store in Etna

(another view of the store)

Historic marker: The Oldest House In Star Valley

From Etna, we continued cycling back to our vehicle in Thayne, and drove back home, satisfied with another scenic and interesting bicycle trip.

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