Cycling Zion Canyon

We did this trip in November, and the temperatures were pleasant. Cycling the main part of Zion National Park has no steep slopes, and now that they use the canyon shuttle system, there is no problem with traffic, or the smell of gasoline fumes. Of course, the scenery is some of the best in the world.

Even if you have to rent bicycles in Springdale, give this trip a try – you'll be glad you did!

Starting out at the Visitor Center parking lot

Heading east on the Pa' Rus Trail, just east of the campgrounds

Fall-colors on the Pa' Rus Trail

The Virgin River, along the Pa' Rus Trail

At the junction of highway 9 and the Zion Canyon road (the road heading north to the Zion Canyon Lodge), the Pa' Rus trail ends, and you go north on the highway. Now that the Zion Canyon Shuttle is in-use, there is very little traffic.

Approaching the steepest part of the road, where a land-slide once dammed the river (not very steep)

The Court Of The Patriarchs

Approaching the Zion Canyon Lodge

The left of center, brown peak is Angel's Landing, the white peak to the right of it is Observation Point

Observation Point, and East Mesa – note the Z-bend trail cut into the cliff at the upper right

Approaching the Weeping-Rock & Observation Point shuttle-stop

The Angel's Landing trail follows the narrow spine of rock descending from the peak in the center of the picture

The Great White Throne – if you hike the Observation Point trail, you'll look down on the top of it!

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