Cycling Colorado National Monument

Colorado National Monument is the cliffs and mesa just beyond the south side of the Colorado River valley, near Grand Junction, Colorado. There is a visitor center, and a mostly-level (but winding) road, following the cliff edge. It makes a wonderfully scenic, one-day bicycle trip.

We drove from Grand Junction to the visitor center (which is near the west end of the monument), then cycled the road to the east, and turned around and cycled back to the visitor center.

Viewpoint, seen driving to the Visitor Center, in the morning – compare to the picture of it taken later in the day

At the visitor center, ready to start cycling

Along the park road

Looking down a long valley from the cliffs above

View-point, zoomed-in on rock pinnacle, with climber on top of it

The same view-point, zoomed-out

Malcolm, “Feelin' Groovy”

A rock formation called “The Lime-Kilns”

Around a curve

Rest-stop for bicycles & riders, at a view-point

Stopped at view-point, on the way back to the visitor center

Against a bright sky

Near the edge...

At the last view-point, late in the day – compare to picture of it taken in the morning

Loading the bicycles at the end of the trip

This is a wonderfully scenic bicycle ride. Give it a try sometime!

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