Oregon Coast – Seaside to Newport

The trip started at Seaside, Oregon (“A” on the map), but I cycled north to Astoria (“B” on the map), then doubled back, heading south, through Seaside again, and finally to Newport, Oregon (“C” on the map), where I turned east.

Map of route along the Oregon coast

Sun-Glow On The Beach

Campsite On The Beach

Going Through A Tunnel

Bridge, On The Coastal Highway

At A Turn-Off, On The Coastal Highway

View On The Coastal Highway

Bicycle, And Ocean-Side Cliff

Malcolm With Bicycle, Above The Coast

Ocean View, Looking North

Ocean View, Looking South

Along The Coastal Highway

A Bay, From The Coastal Highway

Lighthouse Along The Coast

Peering In Through The Lighthouse Lens

Campsite In The Rain Forest

Cycling Away – A Self-Timer Photo

Waiting Out A Rainstorm In A Coastal Town

A Covered-Bridge

Cycling Through The Covered-Bridge (photo taken by other cyclist)

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