Cycling Grand Teton National Park

We cycled some of Grand Teton National Park, with Jen & Dannilyn, in early October. Though it was a bit cool at night, the daytime temperatures were perfect.

We camped overnight at the Gros Vente campground, and cycled the next day from South Jenny Lake Lodge, to Jackson Lake Lodge, and back.

Starting Out

Time for a pit-stop

Teton mountains in the morning sun

Beautiful Teton Mountains

A cyclist we met along the way

Pit-stop at Signal Mountain

The dam of Jackson Lake Reservoir

Fall-colors on the road heading for Jackson Lake Lodge

At Jackson Lake Lodge, we ate lunch in a restaurant, then headed back.

Heading back, in the glow of the afternoon sun

We camped overnight again, then drove through other areas of the park the next day, and headed home.

Teton Mountains, across sagebrush flat

Jen and Dannilyn at Jenny Lake overlook

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