The Amazing Cross-Country Bicycle-Adventures Of A Non-Athlete

Cross-country cycling has no need to be a race. It's more enjoyable as a rambling adventure. And you most definitely don't need to be an athlete to do it, or I never would have succeeded at it.

It is definitely useful for you to plan, but that's a lot easier than it was when I started doing it.

If you want to know if the roads have wide shoulders for cycling safety, simply (in Google Maps), go to street-view, and look at them.

It's definitely a different sort of vacation trip.

Imagine going on vacation, not knowing if you were going to make it to the destination. Sure you do all the planning you can, but once you get on the bicycle and start pedaling, you are subject to the whims of wind, weather, and unexpected challenges.

As a computer programmer, whose life tends to be very organized and logical, experiencing a cross-country bicycle trip, with its unknowns and uncertainties, seems a pleasantly different sort of experience.

But to me, the best thing, is how well you see, and experience the landscape and its scenery. In a beautiful place, every way you turn your head, it beautiful, and you hear the birds sing.

My spouse introduced me to cross-country bicycling, and making use of that expertise, I first tried bicycling the length of the state of Utah (the state where I grew up). That one trip got me hooked on cross-country bicycle trips, and since then, I have gone on many such trips, including a sequence of trips going from Canada to Mexico.

You can read the accounts of those trips, and see the pictures, by clicking on the links below. There is also a link to the map, and pictures, of my spouse's Pacific-to-Atlantic bicycle trip.

(major trips)

Bicycling from Canada to Mexico - 2012
Bicycling from Columbia Falls, Montana, to Canada - 2012
Bicycling from Nogales, Arizona, to Mesa - 2012
Bicycling from Utah to Phoenix - 2011
Bicycling from Utah to Glacier N.P. - 2010
Mammoth Hot Springs Loop Bicycle-Trip 2009
Length of the State of Utah - 2006
Bicycling from Yellowstone to Utah - 2007
Panguitch Bicycle Trip 1 – 2008

Panguitch Bicycle Trip 2 - 2019

Malcolm's Coast-to-Coast Bicycle Adventure

(minor trips - photo galleries)

Bicycling Around Bear Lake
Bicycling in Arkansas
Bicycling Colorado National Monument
Bicycling Grand Teton National Park
Bicycling Moab - Highway 128
Bicycling Moab - Potash Road
Bicycling Red Canyon
Bicycling Snow Canyon
Bicycling Star Valley, WY
Bicycling Strawberry Reservoir - 1st Trip
Bicycling Strawberry Reservoir - 2nd Trip
Bicycling Various Places
Bicycling Zion Canyon National Park

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Who knows? Maybe we'll meet out on the highway or a bicycle path someday. I do a 5-days-per-week exercise ride on the Jordan River trail, starting at 1800 North, Redwood Road, north to the 2425 S. trailhead of the Legacy Parkway trail, and I remove puncture-vines from that section of the trail.

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