Badlands National Park Stereo Pictures

These stereo pictures were taken between June 4th and June 9th, 2015, in Badlands National Park, as well as a few in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

They were taken with an ordinary digital camera (two pictures, aiming at the same place), with some photo-editing (cropping to get the vertical alignment right) using the GIMP on Linux.

The pictures are arranged in pairs to be viewed using the cross-eyed method. You can learn that method (with a lot of trying) as follows:

  1. Hold up you thumb in front of the pictures, and look at the end of your thumb (with the pictures blurry in the background).

  2. Still looking at your thumb, move it closer to you, or farther away, so that the two pairs of blurry pictures in the background merge the inner pictures to where they are super-imposed, so there are 3 blurry pictures in the background.

  3. Try to look at the middle blurry picture (it takes a lot of trying to get your eyes to focus 'far' when they are pointed 'near').

Keep trying. It took me a long time to finally learn to do it. Once you learn how, it will be easy to look at them, and you won't even need to use your thumb.

The pictures will expand to fill the space available in your browser, so give 'full-screen' a try. A word of caution though, in that smaller pictures are easier to view than larger ones.

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