Aere's Selected Photos

Fall Colors

The pictures above were taken on a hike up the Mill-D North-Fork trail, in Big Cottonwood Canyon, on October 6th, 2014.

Stereo pictures (featured in the links below) are pictures taken a distance apart from each other, aiming at the same point, with a method employed so that the left eye sees the left picture, and the right eye sees the right picture. This allows you to see the subject-matter of the photo in 3-dimensions (not just the illusion of such).

As a child, you may have looked through a ViewMaster Stereo Viewer, at a disk of stereo pictures, and experienced seeing them in 3-dimensions.

But you can take them yourself, as was done in the following links.

On some of the pictures (where the subject-matter is more than a quarter-mile away, I have exaggerated the stereo (increased the distance between photos) so that the 3-dimensional effects can be seen at a greater distance.

3-D (Stereo) Pictures - Horizontal Orientation

These are stereo pictures taken a long time ago (pre-college even), from a lot of interesting places. The first group (above) are landscape orientation. All or them were taken using an ordinary camera, taking first one picture, then moving to the side, and taking the other picture (aiming at the same point).

3-D (Stereo) Pictures - Vertical Orientation

The pictures above are from the same batch, but use a portrait orientation.

3-D (Stereo) Pictures – 2nd Batch

The pictures in this batch (above) were taken with a home-made stereo camera. This allowed me to take stereo pictures of subject-matter that is impossible to take stereo pictures of using an ordinary camera, such as sunlight glinting off the waves of water.

3-D (Stereo) Pictures from Badlands National Park and the Black Hills (June 2015)

These pictures are not a 'best-of' collection, but are all of the pictures from the trip.

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