Mountain Hiking-Song

(sung to the tune of “Nights In White Satin” by The Moody Blues)

Trails in the Wasatch,

never reaching the end.

Peaks that I've climbed-up to,

too steep to descend.

Some try to tell me,

the right way to go.

Just where the trail is,

we won't ever know.

'cause I'm tired,

wo, oh, I'm tired now oh, oh, too tired, to go...

Trails in the Uintahs,

never reaching a peak.

Lakes they’re a-plenty,

but it’s not what we seek.

Some peaks you can hike up to,

if you go off-trail.

Watch out for those tipsy rocks,

or over the cliff you will sail...

But I’m tired now,

oh, oh, too tired now, to go...